2006 Annual Meeting Committee Reports

Board Development

The Board Development Committee, most often over delicious mugs of coffee and tea at the local Dunn Bros coffee, discussed how to best develop our board of directors. In addition to rather mundane tasks, such as policy monitoring, our committee:

  • Planned a board social so that we could all get to know one another,
  • Created and implemented a self-evaluation process for board members,
  • Worked to recruit qualified candidates to run for the board, and u Prepared for the annual board elections.

In the coming month, we will plan and conduct an orientation for new board members.

—Kjersti Hanneman, Chair

Long Range Planning

The Long Range Planning Committee organized a strategic planning retreat in February of this year, facilitated by Bill Gessner of Cooperative Development Services. The main outcome of the retreat was a set of Five Strategic Directions, intended to shape the work of the board and the committees for the rest of the year, as well as providing a framework for goals for coming years. The Five Strategic Directions adopted by the board were:

  1. Create sustainable growth in real income (sales and profit) without compromising the integrity of our mission.
  2. Build and support a viable and resilient organization.
  3. Create a space that optimizes our potential for growth.
  4. Build relationships with other co-ops and like-minded organizations.
  5. Play an integral role and be a leader in our changing community.

—Gregg Richardson, Chair

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee started the year by addressing the Hampden Park Co-op Strategic Directions, as they applied to the work of the Membership Committee. This led us to talk about our volunteer program and whether it could be changed/ streamlined/tweaked to work more efficiently and involve more volunteers in a more effective manner. Our committee also ran a survey during Mayfest, inviting input from all shoppers, whether or not they are members. Following up on the survey, we have been discussing how to offer the social and educational events that people have expressed an interest in. We’ve also been trying to increase the board’s “voice” in the newsletter.

—Naomi Jackson, Chair

Personnel Committee

Fortunately, no noteworthy events have occurred this last year with which the Personnel Committee has been involved. We continue to work within our policy guidelines to assist management in their efforts to maintain and oversee our exceptionally loyal and talented staff.

—Karen Gill-Gerbig, Chair

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee works with HPC management, planning and overseeing HPC monies—how they are spent, saved, and invested. Within the last year, we are, again, conservatively planning yearly budgets two fiscal years out, instead of just one. Periodically, as the first year is then reviewed, finance and management can determine effectiveness of that first year’s projections, adjust any for the second year, and then develop a subsequent budget to maintain the two-year budgeting cycle for the coming fiscal year.

Additional Finance Committee Information:

Each year, after the co-op has received its Balance and Profit and Loss sheets from our CPA, and prior to the Annual Meeting, the Finance Committee meets to determine if any part of a net income will be returned to members, commensurate with a percentage of their overall purchases, in the form of a dividend.

To paraphrase, our bylaws call for the following: of any net income, the Board of Directors (through recommendation of the Finance Committee) may allow a portion of the net income to be distributed to the membership, based on the following: 80% of the net income must be re-invested in the form of Class B stock, while 20% of the next income may be divided among members, in a percentage commensurate with their overall expenditures within that income year. That respective dividend would be issued in the form of a check to the member, if that dividend equals or exceeds $3.00. Any dividend of $2.99 or less is returned to Class B stock.

This year, the co-op has a net income of $9,878.22. This could be distributed as noted above to stock and dividend checks, but as the Finance Committee is aware that money is needed to replace the walk-ins (cooler and freezer), they recommended to the board that the money be used in partial payment for those needs in the next calendar year. The board has agreed and voted to not issue a dividend, but instead use the funds as a re-investment for the co-op as a whole.

—Karen Gill-Gerbig, Chair

Physical Plant Annual Report

The Physical Plant Committee this year consisted of John Rogers, Sophie Teyssier, Naomi Karstad, and Helen DuFault.

We continue to deal with issues that face a business operating in an old building. We are at capacity regarding our space. Helen, Kathy, Marcia, and the rest of the staff continue to do amazing things with the space we have.

As in years past, there have been issues with coolers and compressors, but thankfully, nothing major. A security camera was installed after a break-in last year, and there have been no incidents since then.

Bill Kidd built the patio and raised flower bed area at the front of the parking lot.

A new picnic table designed and built by Susan Warner and George Hansen was installed in the flower bed area and it is a pleasant and popular place to sit and enjoy a deli sandwich or a cup of soup. Reminder: This picnic table is exclusively for humans! Please do not tie any animal to the table at any time.

We continue to be a visible, familiar, and friendly place to shop in the neighborhood.

—Naomi Karstad, Chair