2018 Resolution

January Resolution Health Reset

January Resolution – Health Reset!

Have you always been health conscious? Or are you just starting to become aware? We have everything you need – from DIY recipe ingredients in produce and bulk, to products from companies whose whole reason for being is your good health.

Just a few ideas shown that work well if you are shaking, stirring or whirling up beverages, smoothies and detoxes that do good things for your body and taste great:

• Ginger – fresh root or ground, has a long history of health use – plus makes for fragrant cooking!
• Apple Cider Vinegar – a favorite in many tonics, we have the venerable Dr. Bragg's, and the quality Field Day at a Co+op Basics price.
• Kale & Other Veggies – all kinds of power greens to nutrient- and fiber-boost your smoothies or meals. Mom was right when she said, "Eat your vegetables" – and you can drink them too!
• Green Tea – antioxidant rich, Rishi Super Green Matcha is one choice from our wide variety of packaged and bulk teas.
• Protein Supplements – Tera's Whey is just one option, is also Wisconsin local, and a featured Co+op Deal until 1/30/18.
• Citrus & Other Fruits – zesty, tangy, sweet, sour… Flavorful and always good for you, especially in the winter.
• Beetology – a bright-tasting, cold-pressed juice that's an easy way to drink your produce. We carry Beet: +Berry, +Cherry, and +Lemon +Ginger.
• Turmeric & Other Ground Spices – almost everything you need can be found in our bulk department!

And we haven't even mentioned kombucha, coconut water, superfruit juice, kefir…

Posted by Christine DeMars • January 2018