928 Raymond Tenants

—by Kari Simonson, building manager

As many of you probably know, there are a number of other tenants in the 928 Raymond Building besides the Hampden Park Co-op. Have you ever wondered who those tenants are and what they do? Here’s your chance to learn about the other occupants in our lovely turn-of-the-century building!

The following is an introduction to the four other tenants in their own words. All of their entrances are on the Hampden Avenue side of the building, either directly into their space, as in the case of Vienna Community Arts, or through the double doors under the archway that open to a shared staircase for second-floor tenants.

All of these tenants are regular shoppers at the co-op and can often be seen enjoying the soups, sandwiches, and music we provide. Some of them are also co-op volunteers. Keep an eye out for them and be sure to use their services if you are in need
of what they provide!

Second floor: Mill City Ballroom

Hi, we’re Kate and Gordon Bratt and we’re ballroom dancers. We’ve been teaching ballroom dance for over 25 (combined) years, after having gotten “too old” for other sports.

During our college matriculations at separate Minnesota schools, we got hooked on ballroom dancing and the social, fun, energetic outlet it provided. Several years later, we met on the dance floor, threw in the towels on our “real jobs,” and taught at a dance studio together. Several more years and three daughters later, we opened Mill City Ballroom above the Hampden Park Co-op to share our love of partner dancing with the community.

Friday nights we host a group class for all abilities and ages, along with a social dance from 8 to 10 p.m. for $10/person. Swing, salsa, foxtrot, waltz, tango, and more!

We also teach a young children’s class on Saturday mornings. So if there are any co-op parents looking for children’s activities, this is the perfect solution. Just drop your children off for a fun, energetic activity time while you get your shopping done downstairs!

Our hours are Monday through Friday 12 noon – 10 p.m. and Saturday 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. Stop up anytime and say hello! Contact us at: dance@millcityballroom.com, 612-562-2733 or go to http://www.millcityballroom.com.

First floor: Vienna Community Arts

Vienna Community Arts is a nonprofit music studio run by Nancy and Herbert Engelmayer. Herbert came here from Vienna, where he had a successful private concert hall.

We give private music lessons in our studio and through outreach at the Twin Cities German Immersion school. We offer instruction in piano, voice, woodwinds, guitar, strings, choir directing, and music theory, and also rent and sell keyboards, guitars and other stringed instruments, and music accessories.

Our instructors are creative, talented participants in the Twin Cities music scene. We believe music is important for personal growth and for community building. Although Herbert already directs two German choirs, we have been trying to put together a community choir as well. We both love to sing, to make music together, and we enjoy helping people bring music into their lives.

To make an appointment, call 651-808-5980 or 651-226-2666.

Second floor: LV Engineering, LLC Tracy LaVere, owner

LV Engineering is a mechanical engineering firm that takes pride in providing designs that fit our clients’ needs. We offer engineering services ranging from mechanical systems analysis to energy-efficient mechanical design of HVAC, plumbing, and piping. We have a broad range of mechanical experience that includes many years in the construction industry. The entire staff at LV Engineering LLC brings a commitment to quality and exceptional customer service to every project.

We have the experience, skill, and desire to help you understand your mechanical options and trade-offs. Our goal is to deliver solutions that best align with your requirements. We are a green-minded firm able to meet your needs with knowledge, integrity, and quality.

Contact us at 651-797-3885 or tracy@lvengllc.com, or go to http://www.lvengllc.com/index.html .

Second floor: Scott Jensen, Luthier

A luthier is someone who makes or repairs stringed instruments, including violins, guitars, double basses and, of course, lutes, from which the word luthier originates.

I work specifically on repairs and restorations of violin-family stringed instruments, specializing in double basses. You may have seen me hauling one of these large instruments up or down the stairs on the Hampden Avenue side of the Co-op building – they’re pretty hard to miss. I’m often joined in my workshop by my father, Harold Jensen, who does a lot of repair and maintenance around the 928 Raymond Building.

Contact me at 612-234-2327 or luthier@jensenscott.com, or go to http://luthier.jensenscott.com.