About the Board + Meeting Schedule

Hampden Park Co-op is guided by a nine-member board of directors consisting of eight directors elected from the membership by the membership to serve three years, and one staff representative elected by the staff to serve one year. Elections occur during the October Annual Meeting as terms expire.

The HPC Board of Directors uses the Policy Governance model, a detailed and comprehensive method that helps ensure that the board does not involve itself in store operations; rather that work is left to the GM and staff. Consider the directors as stewards, elected to ensure that the co-op’s business operations live up to the member community’s ideals.

In our current political climate, many people have decided that the local politic is where real change begins. We at Hampden Park Co-op envision a broad-based cooperative foundation to improve the economic well being of the world! One small way you can embody the world change you want to see is by communicating with the board, attending a monthly board meeting and/or the Annual Meeting, even running for the board. Reach out occasionally if you have ideas, or possibly join us for three years!

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Board Meeting Schedule – 2018 Term
All Members Welcome!

During 2018, the HPC Board of Directors generally meets at 6:00 pm on the last Monday of every month (unless it is a holiday or the Annual Meeting) in the back conference room at the co-op.

Please email if you'd like to attend – so we can set you up with a seat, or notify you of any scheduling changes, but we're also glad to accommodate walk-ins: board@hampdenpark.coop

Board Meeting Schedule – 6:00 pm – Mondays in 2018:
• January 29
• February 26
• March 26
• April 30
• May 21
• June 25
• August 6 (rescheduled from July 30)
• August 27
• September 17 (rescheduled from September 24)
• Sunday, October 28, Annual Meeting *
• November 26

* October's board meeting will be the Annual Meeting: Sunday, October 28, 2018 • St. Cecilia's Church • 6:00–8:30

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The board encourages your questions, comments and concerns anytime! Please email us: board@hampdenpark.coop