Annual Meeting Minutes 2018

Annual Meeting photos of attendees & soup

Hampden Park Co-op 2018 Annual Shareholder's Meeting

HPC member-owners, board directors, staff and friends joined together to celebrate "Small is Beautiful" at Saint Cecilia's on the evening of Sunday, October 28, 2018.

Prior to business everyone got to connect with each other over a buffet of soups, breads and desserts prepared by the co-op’s deli. Thanks to those who brought some extras to share! First Rodeo entertained – the duo of Dawn Tanner & Shawn Patrick.

Attendees settled in to satisfy their appetites and the meeting started. Board President Kate Gray diagrammed the interconnectedness of our HPC community – the contributing spokes of our wheel. Treasurer Luca Cowles walked us through our finances – find details on the linked minutes below. Membership Coordinator P.J. Wehrwein provided a report – the co-op welcomes the 282 new members from FY 2018 and 89+ from this FY so far to our growing community!

GM Chuck Parsons revealed his plans to maximize every square foot of our sweet little 928 space; take a closer look at the potential reset in the linked minutes. Chuck shared that he is a big dreamer and will do everything he can to ensure that our co-op continues to be a strong business and community hub in the future. His vision includes concentrating on the "Three Ps" to find opportunities and fix inefficiencies: People • Product • Process.

One of the highlights of the evening was a presentation by Mitra Jalali Nelson, St. Paul Ward 4 Councilmember. Her exuberance was infectious as she delivered her message about these four "Pillars:" Building community wealth • Affordable housing for all • Sustainability in transit & community • Community-first public safety. She reaffirmed that, indeed, there IS room for small individuals and businesses in the policies of our increasingly bigger city. More about Mitra on this post.

The evening culminated in our board elections: Amanda Peterson and Collin Russell will be joining as directors; Rachel Fang was re-elected for another term. We thank the outgoing board members and wish them well on their next volunteer endeavors: Luca Cowles, Lynn Englund and Dylan MacWilliams. Find out about board members here.

And last but not least, the event ended as winners accepted the door prizes: 2 Chinook Books (courtesy of Chinook Book), 2 punch cards for 6 free large soups, and a $100 gift certificate!

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2018 Annual Meeting Minutes

Here is a draft pdf of the meeting minutes with everything you might like to know – special shout-out to Melissa Williams for taking notes! Also look for a recap of the event in the upcoming winter issue of the 928 News. More about the event lead-up here.

Photos of speakers & performers at the 2018 Hampden Park Co-op Annual Meeting

Pictured top of page: crowd shot, store reset plans, Jon Hughes (with soup). Pictured bottom of page left to right: 1st row – P.J. Wehrwein, Dawn Tanner & Shawn Patrick, Kate Gray, Luca Cowles; 2nd row – Rachel Fang, Amanda Peterson, Collin Russell, Chuck Parsons, Mitra Jalali Nelson. Photographed by Linda Andersen.

Posted by Christine DeMars with some contributions from Brianna Darling • November 2018