Appreciation for the Board

Photo of 8 Hampden Park Co-op Board members

Our HPC Board Is…

…generous with their time, joyful about Hampden Park Co-op, cooperative as a team, enthusiastic about the future of our store, and productive where it counts. They all believe that by serving us – a local business that embodies their values – they are making a real and lasting difference in our community.

We have gratitude for our board – and earnestly invite member-owners to attend our Annual Meetings where you have the opportunity to learn about the state of your co-op, and have a say in its leadership and future.

At the Annual Meeting you can vote for the board candidates you think will help guide the co-op over the next few years. Your vote does count and it makes a statement that you, too, care about our little co-op community. Bios of our board members can be found here.

Considering elevating your participation with our co-op? Run for the board in the future!

Here is a pdf about the 2018 process (to be updated in 2019). And anytime, feel free to reach out to the board via email.

2018 board pictured L to R: Mark Chapin, Sarah McRoberts, Ablavi Handziak, Dylan MacWilliams, Martha Hotchkiss, Rachel Fang, Kate Gray, and Luca Cowles. Not pictured: Lynn Englund, and Yaya James-Lu'Beck. Note that Martha Hotchkiss recently stepped down – for an extended visit to Peru! We thank Martha for her years of service. Photo by Linda Andersen.

Update: The 2018 Annual Meeting resulted in a new board: Mark Chapin, Rachel Fang, Kate Gray, Ablavi Handziak, Yaya James-Lu’Becke, Cina Kozel, Sarah McRoberts, Amanda Peterson, and Collin Russell. Group photo to come!

Posted by Christine DeMars with some contributions from Kate Gray • October 2018