August Roundup

08/31/2018 - 9:00pm
August Roundup Support the Return; Silhouettes of  buffalo & native man running together superimposed over western prairie lanscapeaims

Your change supports the Tanka Fund in August

Tanka Fund aims to bring renewed health and opportunity to American Indian nations by returning buffalo back to Indian country. Buffalo-based products are a healthy alternative to many other meat products, and buffalo grazing is more environmentally sustainable than cattle ranching for the prairie ecosystem.

Before buffalo were nearly driven from the Great Plains, they sustained tribes for thousands of years. The Lakota relied on this sacred animal, or tatanka, to meet their basic needs for food, shelter, clothing and ceremony. Reintroducing this keystone species is a step toward achieving cultural and physical healing, and you can help support the return of buffalo to their rightful place in the diets, cultures and economies of Native people.

Demand for healthier buffalo meat is soaring, yet reservations in the Great Plains are some of the poorest communities in the US with high rates of obesity and diabetes. The Tanka Fund helps develop the assets – access to land, bison, capital and training – needed to successfully expand herds and bring Native farmers and producers into the market so they can benefit from this economic opportunity. Tanka Fund also educates the public, both on and off the reservations, about the health and environmental benefits of buffalo restoration.

A non-profit based in Minneapolis, Tanka Fund was created through a partnership between Native American Natural Foods, a native-owned company originating on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota and the creator of Tanka Bar, and the Indian Land Tenure Foundation. Read more about the history, cultural significance, and benefits of buffalo on their website.

Thanks to Tanka Fund for the evocative landscape / graphic from their Facebook site!