Board of Directors 2019

Photo of: Collin Russell, Mark V. Chapin, Sarah McRoberts, Kate Gray, Rachel Fang, Amanda Peterson, Ablavi Handziak, Cina Kozel

Hampden Park Co-op
2019 Board of Directors

Our board is generous with their time, joyful about Hampden Park Co-op, cooperative as a team, enthusiastic about the future of our store, and productive where it counts. They all believe that by serving us – a local business that embodies their values – they are making a real and lasting difference in our community.

Last fall, the Annual Meeting resulted in director changes. In April, the 2019 board got together for their annual retreat to work, and bond over food – this year at the Langford Park Rec Center in the St. Anthony Park neighborhood. They collaborated to develop a strategic vision for the co-op which will be shared with first the general manager, and then with members. Additionally, the board worked as a team to make lunch from the new Local Crate Meal Kits being sold at the co-op. There MAY have been too many cooks in the kitchen, but the board succeeded in creating healthy and delicious food together!

Your member participation is encouraged!

The board extends an open invitation to all member-owners to attend their monthly meetings. It's a chance to ask questions about your co-op or bring ideas to the table. This link takes you to the board meeting schedule and advance agenda. They generally meet at 6:00 pm on the last Monday of every month – or dates are posted in the lobby.

Also join us at the Annual Meeting on Sunday, October 27, 2019. You can vote for the board candidates you think will help guide the co-op over the next few years. Your vote does count and it makes a statement that you, too, care about our little community.

Considering elevating your participation with our co-op?

Run for the board in the future! Here is a pdf about the 2018 process (it will be updated later in 2019). If you have questions about anything board-related feel free to reach out via email.

Pictured left to right – Top: Collin Russell, Mark V. Chapin, Sarah McRoberts, Kate Gray. Bottom: Rachel Fang, Amanda Peterson, Ablavi Handziak, Cina Kozel. Not pictured: Yaya James-Lu'Becke. Read bios and see more pics of our 2019 board here.

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Posted by Christine DeMars with contributions from Kate Gray • Updated May 2019
Photographed by Linda Andersen at Langford Park Rec Center