Chinook Books

Chinook Coupon Book 2018

2018 Chinook Books have great savings!

Find a nice coupon from Hampden Park Co-op, and also save $ on some of the wholesome products we sell. We're proud to be in good company – the print book & mobile versions contain offers for items and from businesses or organizations that emphasize sustainable living.

You can recoup the purchase price by redeeming just a few of the coupons. Use the discounts here, there, almost everywhere local that believes in the same values as you! There are merchants, organizations & resources including markets, recycling, local biking & transit, clean energy & green home, good food, the arts and more under the categories:

- Local Grocery
- Dining
- Entertainment & Family
- Wellness
- Fashion & Gifts
- Travel & Recreation
- Home & Garden
- Grocery Products

P.S. The Chinook Book is perfect for a shareable economy. Or makes a thoughtful gift for the person who has – or does not have – everything!

Remember that your previous coupons expired October 31, 2017.