Deodorant Stones of America

—by Katharine Holden, HPC Member

Hampden Park Co-op is packed with products you may not have tried before. Here’s the squeal on one:

Deodorant, whether stick or roll-on, generally comes in a plastic casing that is not recyclable. That plastic casing contains very little product when compared with the size of the container. This means you buy deodorant often, thus contributing a lot of plastic to landfills. Using a deodorant stone can end that cycle. The crystal itself is a small square with rounded ends and it contains potassium alum. It comes in a little drawstring bag that you can re-use for something else. To use the stone, all you do is dip the end in water (run it under the tap for a millisecond), and rub it on your underarm area. There is no residue to get on your clothing. Each stone lasts for several months. The stone dries in moments, so there’s no trouble about packing it in your toiletries case when you travel.