Did You Get Your Newsletter?

Members - looking for your newsletter?

The new HPC member newsletter – the 928 News – should have landed in your mailbox in late August.

We received valuable feedback on this important communication tool and we appreciate it! Taking the comments into consideration, we went back to the drawing board with the design. Here are some of the suggestions we worked on:

• Can the paper's environmental sustainability be improved?

• Can the ink be verified as environmentally friendly?

• Can the newsletter stand out more? I think I sometimes miss it in my junk mail…

• Can you reprint older articles & recipes that are still relevant?

• Is there a way to "opt out" of having it mailed?

Will outline the answers to the above in a few days! In the meantime, the 928 News contains two member-owner shopping coupons good through the end of November; you can pick up your previous set of coupons at the register until the end of September.