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928 News – 2018 Fall Issue
September, October, November

Just one of the perks of membership at Hampden Park Co-op is receiving the biggish-sized newsletter from our small store right in your mailbox! Plus extra copies are available in the store for all. Here is what's going on in this issue:

Why Are Co-ops More Important Now Than Ever – Musings from Chuck Parsons on what co-ops are doing right in this political environment: "Within a co-op modeled on the Four Pillars of Cooperative Governance, no matter what the role, the expectation is that everyone is responsible for working together effectively, to be accountable and able to empower others, to be focused on purpose, and to participate in ensuring a healthy democracy."

An Invitation to Serve – Kate Gray relates that the "…Board of Directors is indeed generous with their time, joyful about our store, cooperative as a team, enthusiastic about the future of HPC, and productive where it counts." She offers an invitation: "If you are feeling compelled to serve in a new capacity, then we urge you to think about one of our open board seats." Find out more about board responsibilities and how to apply here.

• There's a GREAT picture of our 2018 Board of Directors. Many thanks to their leadership!

• Mark your calendars and please join us! The Annual Meeting is Sunday, October 28th, 6:00 – 8:30 PM. More details here.

• Helping you stretch your budget: read about Bicycle Benefits.

A Winter Squash Primer – A lovely infographic compiled by previous produce employees Melissa Lindholm & Alex Newby; squash artwork by Alex. Plus a handy article on how to handle these sometimes big, hard objects, adapted from Delightful Winter Squash by Robin Asbell for www.StrongerTogether.coop.

September Roundup is the charter school for students with autism: Lionsgate Academy.

October Roundup is for our sustainable friends & neighbors: Transition Town – All St. Anthony Park.

November Roundup is our neighborhood partner:  St. Anthony Park Community Council.

Every Clip Counts! – Cina Kozel is coordinating our new drop-off for Box Tops for Education and Holy Land Non-profit Coupons. Shop, clip, drop off to earn cash for a local school.

Keystone Food Shelf – Now that the flurry of summer is over, remember our neighbors in need this fall.

A Walk Through Time With Hampden Park Co-op – Naomi Jackson takes us on a quirky, wonderful exterior tour of our historical building originally constructed for the Independent Order of Odd Fellows! Plus she outlines a bit about our grocery roots. Next issue she'll be back exploring the inside of 928 Raymond Ave.

• Linda Andersen likes tasty, organic Castle Rock Cheese from Wisconsin.

• Dylan MacWilliams noshes on Native-produced Tanka Bars from South Dakota.

• Emma Radke gives us her dairy-free pesto recipe for Wisconsin Growers Basil.

• Mickey Quinn unwinds with Frontier Co-op Tea – sometimes adding a nip of whiskey.

What's On In Deli – Mark Cramer is our new deli manager and he has lots of ideas to refresh our fall grab & go offerings – including rotisserie chicken soon!!

• And last, but not least, member-owner discount coupons for the quarter – another perk of joining our co-op!

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You can also read the fall issue of the 928 News here.

If you're an active Hampden Park Co-op member shopper but are not receiving your newsletter in the mail, please fill out a slip up front to let us know.

Posted by Christine DeMars • September 2018