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Where Passion Meets Purpose Through Community

Who are we? Hampden Park Co-op is a member-owned, cooperative grocery store located in the South St. Anthony neighborhood of St. Paul, MN. The co-op was founded around 40 years ago and has grown to include 30 employees, roughly 2,600 members, and nearly 2.3 million dollars in annual sales. We sell groceries, and we connect people to each other and to cooperative values while we do it. All are welcome in this store committed to building practices for a sustainable future and celebrating diversity.    

Why work here? Hampden Park Co-op is thriving and has a friendly neighborhood feel. We support local producers, carry a wide range of organic and eco-friendly products, and value community. As General Manager you have the opportunity to inspire an enthusiastic staff in a fast-paced, positive sales environment. We are a small store with a big heart: lead a values-driven cooperative community toward a sustainable future!

Find the General Manager job description and instructions on how to apply in our store lobby, or on this pdf.

Please address any questions to Lucia Cowles, Search Committee Chair, at this email.

Find pdf governing documents of interest, especially the HPC Bylaws and Board of Directors Policy Register on this page.

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Thanks to Leslie Watson, Cooperative Development Services (CDS), for the word cloud graphic, created from member conversations during an HPC visioning session. More about CDS here.