Good Work From The Gound Up

08/31/2017 - 4:00pm
928 Raymond Ave
Saint Paul, MN 55114
Good Watermelon from the Federation of Southern Cooperatives

Sale watermelons are gone but the story is still worth telling…

All of us have challenging days at work. Retail cooperatives are definitely not immune to this reality. So, when we have a chance to see ourselves as a part of a larger fabric – in this case, as part of a thread that connects us to the work being done through the Federation of Southern Cooperatives – it helps us remember that we are part of a larger human story. This makes the tough days a little less disheartening.

In partnership with the P6 Cooperative and other local retail co-ops, we were humbled and grateful to bring you a bountiful crop of delicious watermelon, fresh from the fields of the south. With every purchase we wove the human fabric more closely – local neighbors who wanted to support African American farmers and their vision of maintaining a legacy of land for their families and future generations. More at

Hampden Park Co-op is so glad to be a part of the circle of worthwhile cooperative endeavors. Happy summer!