Mayfest 2019 Music

Mayfest Music Partner KFAI Radio: Bee on flower, KFAI logo, Pics of: Travis Ramin, Blanche Fubar, Rachel Williams. Enzo Mazumdar Stanger

Every year, Mayfest brings you something new in local music!

We're happy to have KFAI Community Radio as our musical partner. With DJs spinning tunes interspersed with live music, there'll be sounds for everybody!

Travis Ramin – Travo Ramo FA FA FA (Thursdays, Midnight to 2:00 am) brings the back the spirit of wild, crazy and stupid late night radio! BIP BAM BOOM and all that for sure, but also a little HA HA HA and WHAAAA?? For his day job, Travis is a deli disc jockey at the co-op.

Blanche Fubar – The Fubar Omniverse (Fridays, 10:00 am to noon) presents an overwhelmingly appealing blend of funk, jazz, modern and ancient music with spiritual roots from around the world. This unique brew is enriched by an occasional side trip into the world of women’s athletics! Blanche is ultra-local – she lives in the neighborhood.

Rachel Williams – Former principal cellist for the Kansas City Civic Orchestra, we’re happy to have her now call Saint Paul home. Rachel is also a freelance accompanist and private music instructor with a passion for classical, jazz, and musical theater. Plus she wears a lot of hats at the co-op: cashier, storekeeper, event coordinator.

Enzo Mazumdar Stanger – Enzo picked up his first guitar in 1st grade, then expanded to playing bass in orchestra and jazz band during junior high and high school. Now enrolled in the classical guitar program at the UMN, Enzo also likes to mix in some improvisation. He aims to tell impactful stories through his music.

KFAI is also our May Roundup!

KFAI Fresh Air Radio is the volunteer-based, community FM radio station that broadcasts information, arts and entertainment programming for an audience of diverse racial, cultural, social and economic backgrounds. For 40+ years KFAI had provided a voice for people ignored or misrepresented by mainstream media to increase understanding between peoples, and to foster values of democracy and social justice. KFAI is truly inclusive, lively, eclectic radio without boundaries!

For more info about Mayfest activities, see this post.

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Posted by Christine DeMars • April 2019