Mayfest Samples

Try Samples at Mayfest; Product images: Curt's Salsa, Co-op Partners Warehouse, Garrett Valley Turkey Stix, Harmless Harvest Coconut Water, Natural Vally Monty Jack Goat Cheese, Mr. Fuzz's Nuclear Nectar, SunLeaf Soap, Wyndmere Naturals Essential Oil

Nibble, Sip and Sniff at Mayfest

Our vendors & suppliers are all-around nice people who enjoy sharing the labors of their love! Stop by Mayfest on Saturday, May 11th, 11–3 to sample some of their great products. All on special for the weekend:

Curt's Special Recipe Salsa – Small-batch sauces made in Stillwater with the freshest ingredients and signature blends of herbs & spices. From tangy-mild, to knee-buckling hot.

Co-op Partners Warehouse Fruit – This warehouse in St. Paul is cooperatively run and provides much of our produce. CPW tries to source from farms that are strong stewards of the soil and care about community.

Garrett Valley Turkey Sticks – From turkeys that are humanely raised, and fed a vegetarian diet with no antibiotics. No refrigeration required for the ultimate back-pack snack.

Harmless Harvest Coconut Water – Envisioning a world where nutritious organic beverages are the standard, where all involved people are treated fairly, and the planet is treated harmlessly.

Natural Valley Goat Cheeses – Colby-Jack, Mozzarella and Monty-Jack from Pasture Pride Cheese in the scenic Kickapoo Valley in Southwest Wisconsin – where the goats are on open pasture and hand-milked by Amish farmers.

Nuclear Nectar – Mr. Fuzz’s Minneapolis hot sauce captures the fruit while retaining the heat. Elevate your senses without burning out your palate. Not just a condiment – a way of life.

SunLeaf Soap – Lovely products for a sunny disposition. Made in Minnesota, supporting fresh water, pollinator research & conservation efforts with 5% profits donated since 2007.

Wyndmere Essential Oils – This New Hope company sources the purest essential oils grown by farmers skilled at environmental practices and uses expert distillers. Favored by professional aromatherapists.

Bee There!

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Posted by Christine DeMars • May 2019