—by Katharine Holden, HPC Member

Hampden Park Co-op is packed with products you may not have tried before. Here's one:

Okay, let’s talk meatballs. My personal recipe has a short ingredient list: Ground meat and spices. Have you ever looked at the ingredient list on a package of frozen meatballs at the big-box supermarket? Chances are it’s a longer list than mine. Some supermarket brands contain MSG, a flavor enhancer to which many people are sensitive, as well as wheat, corn flour, whey, starches, and other filler products you would never dream of mixing into your own recipe for meatballs. In HPC’s meat case, you’ll find packages of meatballs that are more like what you would make at home—no fillers. HPC has a good selection of meats you won’t find at your local supermarket, including organic beef and buffalo roasts. Beef is always available. The availability of other meats varies (last week I bought elk steaks). Most HPC meat is frozen, so you’ll have to plan ahead.