Members, Volunteers, and Discounts

—by Naomi Jackson, Membership Coordinator

Are you a member and turning 65 soon? All HPC members receive a senior discount once they turn 65. Non-volunteering seniors receive a 15% discount. Volunteers may use their senior status as part of their volunteer credit.

Are you a volunteer and there's something not right with your 2013 wallet card? Maybe your name changed, or I spelled it wrong, or you lost or added a roommate. Let me know, and I'll make you a new one. While you're at it, make sure you have filled out a 2013 Rolodex card. We don't do that for you.

Do you need a new card? If you lost your card, or turned 65, or there's something wrong with your current card, you can e-mail me at and ask for a new one. Or, you can fill out a new card request form (ask the cashier) and put it in the Membership Coordinator envelope in the entryway.

Have you not volunteered for awhile and would like to again? If it's been a number of years, sign up for orientation. Otherwise, sign up for a volunteer shift and send me an email (see above paragraph) and I'll make you a new card.

Non-volunteering members and wallet cards. If you're not a volunteer, it seems like a hassle to pull out your HPC wallet card when you check out. Here are some reasons to flash that card when the cashier asks if you are a member:

1. The checkout process goes faster. It takes much longer to look up your number than it does to scan your card, and there's no guarantee of accuracy if you are one of 14 Johnsons in our database.
2. It ensures that you stay on our active member list. Active members receive notices about the Annual Meeting and Mayfest plant sale, as well as quarterly 10% discount coupons. Inactive members don't receive mailings.
3. We track the purchases of all members, and in years when we are particularly profitable, we return part of that profit back to our members based on how much they spent during the fiscal year. A caveat: we now have a building to pay for and care for, so it will be a number of years before we do profit sharing. Still, it's helpful to know how much our members are spending at the co-op.