Membership News - April, 2006

—by Naomi Jackson, Membership Coordinator

Help for new shoppers

Because a cooperative is a kind of community, some tasks are the responsibility of all members, old and new, whether or not you are volunteering for a discount. One of those responsibilities is providing a warm welcome to new shoppers. Many first-time shoppers are not aware, for example, that they need to write down PLUs and produce prices for the cashier.

Take time to help puzzled newcomers. Grab a copy of the flyer “How to shop at the Co-op” (found near the clipboards in the entryway). Point out the locations of plastic containers, produce bags, pencils, clipboards, and grocery sacks. Help them find what they are looking for, or point the way towards the kitchen where they can ask further questions. And perhaps most important, a warm smile and “Welcome to our co-op” will make them want to come back again and again.

Volunteer reminders

  • Every once in awhile we all need reminders, so here are a few for you:
  • Wash your hands when you arrive for your shift.
  • Wear a hat if you are working with exposed food.
  • When you are stocking, check dates and rotate product.
  • Check shelf tags to be sure you are putting things in the right place.
  • Soup does not automatically accompany your shift.
  • If you have a question or aren’t sure how to do something, ask!

Your participation is very much appreciated. Take pride in knowing that you are a part of something very important—a working cooperative!