Membership News - August, 2006

—by Naomi Jackson, Membership Coordinator

I repeat this every year, because every year it is true. Our volunteers seem to disappear around mid-August and not show up again until mid-September. This creates a labor shortage at the co-op (just in time for Labor Day!). If you have a few hours to spare, in between going to the State Fair and getting ready for the school year, sign up and give us a hand during those weeks. You will be appreciated even more than usual.

College students, this is for you. We need to clarify what happens to your share when you graduate or move out of the area. You have two options. You can sell your share back to the co-op and get your investment of $30 back. Or, you can leave the $30 with the co-op as a donation.

What you cannot do is give your share to another student. The only time we allow a number of different people to use the same share is if a group of students has bought a house share. The share stays with the house, along with the stove and refrigerator, while individual students come and go. A house share has to be approved by me.

So don’t say to a friend, “I’m graduating; would you like my share?” If you’re feeling generous, sell your share back to the co-op and give the money to your friend so she can buy her own share.

If you have questions about this policy, or you think you might have done something slightly illegal with your share, stop in on a weekday evening and talk to me about it. Don’t worry—you won’t go to jail. It’s just that we need to do things according to our co-op bylaws, and I know there’s been some confusion out there in college-dom about who has what share.

Thanks for your help with this matter.