Membership News - February, 2006

—by Naomi Jackson, Membership Coordinator

Wallet Cards

Is your wallet card getting decrepit? Is it the wrong color? Is your name spelled wrong? Now is the time to do something about it! At the cashier counter or in the entryway, you can pick up a yellow “New Card Request” form. Fill it out and leave it in the Membership Coordinator envelope in the entryway.

Just to clear up a common topic of confusion—if you are not volunteering and are under 65, pink is the appropriate color for your wallet card. You can continue to use your out-of-date volunteer wallet card; the bar code is the same whether or not you volunteer. However, it is easier for the cashiers if your card is the correct color.

If you are not volunteering and are 65 or older, you should have a light green wallet card that indicates you are eligible for a 15% discount. If you are a member and would like a senior discount card, fill out a new card request form.

If you haven’t volunteered for awhile and would like to get started again, fill out a new card request form and indicate whether you would like to volunteer at the 15% or 21% level, so I know what color to make your card. Your shift and your shopping

We have a growing number of volunteers who are under the impression that their shift is two hours and fifty minutes long. When you sign up for a threehour shift, we count on you for the full three hours. If you need to “just pick up a few things” at the end of your shift, please arrive ten minutes early so you can start your shift early. Or, you may shop before your shift and stash your purchases until you leave (the coordinator will tell you where). If you are making a habit of cutting your shift ten minutes short so you can shop, and you are a 21% volunteer, after nine months you will have shorted the co-op an entire shift. When you multiply that by a hundred or so volunteers, what seems like a little thing adds up to a very big thing. Please be conscientious about your shift! You play an important role in the success of our co-op.