Membership News - June, 2006

—by Naomi Jackson, Membership Coordinator

It’s summer—a time of transition for many of our student members, a season of gardening and vacations for our more settled members. If you are moving away, leave a note for the next occupants telling them about Hampden Park Co-op. If you are enjoying sunny days in your garden, remember that volunteering at the co-op is a great rainy-day activity!

By the way, if you are moving or transitioning in any way, remember that I need to know about address changes and additions to/subtractions from your household. (And if you didn’t get a Mayfest postcard, we probably need an address update from you!) Leave me a note in the Membership Coordinator envelope, near the calendars in the entryway. And while you are there, take a look at the sign-up guidelines posted just below the morning calendar. You will find hints, suggestions, and reminders that you heard once at orientation but may have forgotten in the intervening months or years.

Here is another rainy-day activity for you. Go to the Web site of the International Cooperative Alliance () and find out more about co-ops worldwide. The ICA was founded in 1895 and currently has 222 member organizations in 91 countries. As a member of Hampden Park Co-op, you are part of an international movement powered by people seeking to create a better world. That’s a thing to be proud of!