Membership News - October, 2006

—by Naomi Jackson, Membership Coordinator


Remember to vote! Not just at the general election on November 7, but also at the Hampden Park Co-op Annual Meeting on November 19! (You will find details on page 1.) You must be an up-to-date working member in order to vote; however, anyone may attend the annual meeting. Each household gets one vote, so if there is more than one adult in your household, you will have to decide who gets to vote. See you at the polls!

HPC Child Care Exchange

Many parents of young children take advantage of our child care exchange, enabling them to volunteer in the co-op when they might otherwise not be able to. This is how it works. You are a working member of Hampden Park Co-op, and you have small children. You encounter another working member of HPC who also has small children. One of you can stay home with all of the children; the other can come in to volunteer at the co-op. Both of you get work credit. FAQs about the Child Care Exchange:

Q: Can my spouse get credit for doing our child care while I come in to work?

A: No. The child care must be provided by a separate household that also has small children in order for both parties to receive volunteer credit.

Q: Can the co-op find me a family to pair up with?

A: We are not able to do this. Often you will meet someone at orientation or while you are volunteering or shopping who is also looking for child care.

Q: How do I get credit for child care?

A: A member of each household needs to attend an orientation session. Then, one household needs to sign up for a volunteer shift, at a time that is agreeable to both families. Each household will have a card in the Rolodex file. At the end of the volunteer shift, the volunteer takes both Rolodex cards to the coordinator, explains that the other family is doing child care, and has the coordinator sign both cards.

Q: Does the same person always need to do the volunteer work?

A: No. Most households trade off volunteering and doing the child care.

If you have questions about the child care exchange, or any other membership matter, feel free to contact me at the co-op weekday evenings, or leave a note in the Membership Coordinator envelope in the entryway.