Neighborhood Forest In Store

Sunday 4/14 Visiting the Store 11:00–1:00 Neighborhood Forest; Funky-cool-illustration of earth disco dancing; word bubble says It's time to par-tay!

In Honor of Earth Day Month
Sunday, April 14 • 11:00–1:00
Neighborhood Forest Visits

Every year Neighborhood Forest gives trees to school children. For free. On Earth Day. They do this in cooperation with parents, administrators and teachers through the generosity of businesses and individuals.

Since 2010 they have helped plant over 30,000 trees – giving kids a way to connect with nature, greening neighborhoods, and making a small dent in families’ carbon footprints. For little cost, a tree provides numerous environmental and economic benefits. And when a child plants a tree and watches it grow, the return on investment is priceless.

Hampden Park Co-op has been partnering with Neighborhood Forest since 2015, and our April register round-up donations will go to help purchase trees for schools, including local St. Anthony Park Elementary School. Find out much more on our Roundup post or at the NF website.

So try to arrange your shopping on Sunday, April 14th around 11:00–1:00 to learn firsthand about their passion for trees!

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Thanks to Vivek Narula of Neighborhood Forest for the funky disco-dancing globe illustration. See more of his work on his website.

Posted by Christine DeMars • April 2019