The Creative Enterprise Zone 
Hosted Minnesota’s first & largest public mural & art festival St. Paul, September 7–14, 2019

Annual Meeting photos of attendees & soup

Thanks to all who attended our lively, inspiring Annual Meeting on Sunday, October 28, 2018. If you were there – or if you could not make it – read on to find out a bit more, see some photos, and find the meeting minutes.

Photo of 8 Hampden Park Co-op Board members

Being a member-owner, shopper, or employee is a simple way to be engaged with our store. The Hampden Park Co-op Board Directors have taken the extra step to generously and enthusiastically serve our little co-op community.

Good Grab & Go And Now Rotisserie Chicken

What are those good smells coming from the co-op kitchen? They are cookin' up fresh, all natural chickens with varied herbs & spices on the birds! And our deli is creating some seriously delicious menus of savory sides to go with…

Councilmember Mitra Jalali Nelson Speaking at our Annual Meeting

We're especially excited to welcome Saint Paul Councilmember Mitra Jalali Nelson as special guest speaker at the 2018 Annual Meeting. Mitra is a spirited new voice for our city, and our entire metro area. Come listen and prepare to be inspired!

Chuck Parsons photographed by Mindy Keskinen; In front of exterior tile mural by Susan Warner

"At Hampden Park Co-op, the new manager comes around to his roots." We're pleased to be in the September 2018 issue of the Park Bugle newspaper – pulled together by our friends at Transition Town - All St. Anthony Park!

Photo of 8 Hampden Park Co-op Board members in front of large paintings of colorful corn

Hampden Park Co-op is looking for new board members – and we invite you to reflect upon your unique gifts. For those who may be looking for ways to generously and enthusiastically elevate their engagement with our co-op community, now is the time to consider joining our board. Read on…