—by Jesse Winsell

As we look forward to the annual meeting on October 27, I am thinking about two seemingly different things that are connected by a common theme: customer engagement.

The first is the power of social media. The second is store equipment upgrades. The co-op must engage in both in order to stay relevant and to create value for members.

Social media

During the summer, I sat in the co-op entryway one Saturday morning and talked to people about plans for the annual meeting and anything else early morning shoppers wanted to discuss.

—by Naomi Jackson, Membership Coordinator

Annual meeting survey

Thank you to everyone who filled out the annual meeting survey in August and September. Your responses were very helpful in the planning process, and will affect how we run our annual meetings in the future.

Everyone who provided us with contact information was entered in a drawing for co-op gift certificates. Congratulations to Nancy Sogabe-Engelmayer and Bonita Steppa, whose names were drawn at the October 27 annual meeting.

Volunteers, pick up your 2014 wallet cards!

—by Jerry McClelland

A self-guided tour through Minnesota’s Bluff Country
—by Emma Onawa

We Minnesotans have a lot of reasons to be proud—great schools, friendly people, relatively progressive politics, strong industry—and lots of food co-ops. Minnesota boasts at least twenty-one co-op locations, more than any other state in the Midwest and, although not fact-checked, likely in the U.S. These reasons and others, of course, help to make up for the weather.

The Hampden Park Co-op board of directors is currently seeking candidates for the 2013 board election.

—by Hannah Miller

—by Meredith Sommers

—by Naomi Jackson, Membership Coordinator

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