Goodness Giveaway, It was a win-win.

A nice way to end the year – sharing good groceries with the Goodness Giveaway drawing! Winning customer, Daniel Heist, takes possession of his cart filled with $75 worth of assorted Co+op Basics. And manager, Matt Hass, holds a check for $75 to donate to our local food shelf, Keystone Community Services.

Young Mountain Tea Co., From the Himalayas to Here, Kumaon White Organic Tea

Kumaon White Tea tastes like spring… An organic, loose leaf from Young Mountain Tea Co., it's created in a direct trade partnership with Himalayan communities in an isolated area of India with an inspiring story of sustainability…

Helms Sugar Shack Pure WI Maple Syrup

Take a taste trip to the Wisconsin woods with Helms Sugar Shack! Mahlon & Amber Helms truly handcraft their maple syrup in small batches. Nothing added, it's pure, sweet goodness tapped from the family's maple trees near Barron.

Scents of the Season - Pacha Soap Co.

Winter is magical… But can also be stressful, so take time to relax in a nice smelling bath with a Pacha Soap froth bomb! Decorate your home & tub with holiday cheer & needless to say, also makes a thoughtful gift. Plus Pacha helps set up clean water initiatives, small-scale soap shops & other sustainable ventures in developing countries!

Taking Stock

Happy to have in stock Taking Stock Foods – amazing broths that keep the ingredients simple & clean for both healthy drinking AND flavorful cooking. Comes in 3 organic chicken bone versions + a vegan. As local as you can get, their kitchen is just a few miles from HPC!

Owl's Brew Mulling Spices Cranberry & Apple

Teatime meets cocktail hour with Owl's Brew Cranberry & Apple Mulling Spices – specially priced until the end of November! Creates a winter-style cocktail sipper that is lighter, fresher, funner. Made from fresh-brewed mulling-spiced tea with cranberries, apples & other good things. Try it with bourbon, rum, wine or champagne – or sparkling water.

Halloween ChicoBags $4.99

For October treats or shopping anytime – it's the cute Halloween ChicoBag at a great $4.99 price! ChicoBag follows ethical & sustainable business practices, and their mission is to reduce the single-use bag habit. This lightweight, washable bag carries up to 25 lbs. When trick or treating is over, it stuffs into a small pouch that can be easily stored, or clipped to your purse, backpack, keychain, etc. so you don't forget to take it to the store!

October is National Co-op Month, Cooperatives Build a Better World

HPC celebrates in October – with 30,000+ member-owned cooperatives nationwide committed to the people & communities at the heart of our organizations. By shopping here – and ideally taking the meaningful step of becoming a member, even voting on and/or participating with the board – you are building a better world!

Chinook Coupon Book 2018

Great savings! Find a nice coupon from Hampden Park Co-op. And we're proud to be in good company – there are offers & resources for products & from businesses that emphasize sustainable living. Use the discounts here, there, almost everywhere local that believes in the same values as you! P.S. The Chinook Book is perfect for a shareable economy.

Your Board Needs Your Voice

We invite you to reflect upon your own unique gifts.

Hampden Park Co-op is looking for two new board members interested in being a part of the changes emerging here. The application deadline is October 20th and elections will be held October 29th. Please read on for more details and an application.