We need plant tenders and musicians May 6-7-8 for our Mayfest Plant Sale, and people to represent Hampden Park Co-op at our booth at the Friends School Plant Sale, May 6-7. Sign up for either event on the calendar bulletin board at the co-op.

The shape of tortellini is based on Venus’ bellybutton. Read more about making fresh Italian pasta.

—by Rachel Fang

If you shop at HPC you know Susan Warner’s art. Her tile work adorns the facade of the store’s foyer, the picnic table out front, and the building’s north-facing wall.

I interviewed Susan at her studio in a one-story building in the Seward neighborhood in Minneapolis. The studio is a large open space, taking up half of a warehouse she owns and shares with another artist. Shelves and wooden racks, custom-built by her husband, George, line the walls and are neatly filled with raw materials and works in progress. All work tables are on wheels so the space can be reconfigured depending on project requirements. Twelve-foot ceilings allow viewing of large tile compositions from above during production.

Whether genetically modified organisms are a bane or a boon, they are already here. Knowledge is power in the ongoing debate over what role they should play in the future of our society. Ph.D. student Margaret Taylor explains how genetic modification works.

Naomi describes changes to volunteer discounts that begin May 1 for current volunteers, and April 1 for new volunteers.

Hampden Park Co-op rents second-floor loft

HPC is renting its second-floor space, a large ( 23'X23') open area with east-facing windows, for $400 per month.

Read about what some call "the mother grain" and try four delicious recipes.

It’s just one small section of the co-op, but it packs a chemical punch: the cleaning supplies area, tucked in opposite bulk grains, not far from the tea.

Judith Sims compared prices at HPC with two other cooperatives and three commercial grocery stores, and found HPC to be a great deal!

—by Meghan Manhatton

Several Hampden Park Co-op families have taken inspiration from the co-op model and are working together to create a Parent-run Cooperative Childcare Alternative (PCCA) in the Hamline-Midway Neighborhood.