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We will be here with hot coffee, breakfast treats or an early lunch.  Join us!

If the rain has you feeling a bit damp and dreary, the co-op is the place you need to be. We received a special order of sunflowers today from Hein Haus. No two are alike and they are on special for 99¢ a stem. Smiles are virtually guaranteed!

HPC members joined the membership committee on Tuesday, August 9th, to discuss transitioning former co-op volunteer efforts toward a food-centered community organization. At the meeting, Suyapa Miranda, Executive Director of the St.

The fresh flowers from Hein Haus Farm are here! Look for them to arrive on Mondays along with the multicolored chicken eggs and the duck eggs.

As most of you know, Hampden Park Co-op is in the midst of deep change.

What changes are being considered?

The Membership Committee is reviewing the Volunteer Program, as it considers what is best for HPC.
Some options being discussed are:

—By Martha Hotchkiss, Board Chair  

Since last May, the HPC board of directors has been engaged in reviewing three distinct but interconnected issues: the volunteer program, the discount structure, and the future.

All that work at 5:30 a.m. was worth it. 
The produce department looks wonderful.

A fixture at the co-op for over 20 years,the fruit table was cut up and removed on the morning of February 22nd, 2016.