—by Naomi Jackson, Membership Coordinator

The weather grows cold, the nights are long, and the urge to hibernate grows strong. But at the co-op you will find bright lights and colors, and a dozen volunteers and staff busily supplying your winter needs. Our little store is a great place to warm both stomach and heart, as you sip hot soup and chat with a chance-met neighbor or co-worker.

As you know, volunteers are key to making Hampden Park Co-op a good place to be. If you are a volunteer, the following information is for you. We once again have more volunteers than we have time slots available. For you, this means:

by Jeffrey Shotts, HPC member

—by Eric Dregni, HPC member

“If you manage to make tortellini, when you return home to America you’ll have lots of friends!” says la nonna, the grandmother of one of Katy’s students.

We’ve gathered for a day of making fresh pasta at la nonna’s little house just outside the center of Modena in northern Italy. After she shows us the gorgeous restored red Moto Guzzi that belonged to her late husband, we’re ready to get down to business. Or rather, Katy and la nonna are making pasta, since I’m not allowed too close to the kitchen table because I’d get in the way.