November 2018 Roundup

St. Anthony Park Community Council District 12

November Roundup: The St. Anthony Park Community Council

The SAPCC is where residents and businesses come together on vital neighborhood interests that enhance the quality of life, strengthen the character and vitality of our community, and ensure the effectiveness of government. Since the mid-1970s, the SAPCC (also known as District 12) has been one of 17 district councils that advise the St. Paul City Council on matters of community governance and civic needs.

Ten Year Plan

SAPCC recently completed a Ten-Year Plan for the neighborhood, based on feedback from hundreds of neighbors and businesses. Comprehensive and visionary in nature, it brought neighborhood aspirations to the city in the following areas:
Climate change
Economic and business development
Historic preservation
Parks and recreation
Water, soil and air

Prior Ten-Year Plans have facilitated valuable neighborhood developments such as the renovation of Hampden Park (across the street from the co-op), and the development of the Creative Enterprise Zone.

Equity in All They Do

Starting with a framework of “equity in all they do,” SAPCC serves as a place where neighbors can bring questions, concerns, and ideas about the above points and other quality-of-life priorities in the area. It sponsors initiatives on many fronts, including the:
Community Garden’s Sunday Table initiative (bringing fresh produce to Seal Hi-Rise weekly to augment residents’ access to fresh produce);
Civic Stewardship Program (connecting high school students to civic engagement opportunities); and
Engagement Project (a multi-district effort to maximize engagement and equity across all communities in St. Paul).

SAPCC’s Equity Committee has been partnering with Hampden Park Co-op to enhance its Movies in the Park summer series; the games (Our Price is Right, Produce Password) prior to the start of each movie encourage people to come together in a fun, casual way over food, demonstrating the welcoming access to healthy foods that the co-op provides. This partnership is one of many with neighborhood groups, exemplary of how SAPCC strives to plug into the wonderful ways neighbors support each other and work toward a better life.

As the neighborhood becomes increasingly diverse and community members’ needs evolve, SAPCC is committed to serving all neighbors, improving quality of life in ways that are truly equitable. Your extra change in November helps make our neighborhood, and ultimately our metro area, a better place to live, work, or visit! More at their website.

Thanks to Melissa Williams for the info & SAPCC for the photos!

Posted by Christine DeMars • November 2018