P6: The Movement Lands At HPC

We are pleased to announce that  Hampden Park Co-op has been accepted as a member of the Principle Six (P6) Cooperative!  The P6 Cooperative Trade Movement seeks just and equitable trade relationships between farmers, producers, retailers and consumers, and is rooted in cooperative principles and values.  

P6 is the symbol of a growing, consumer-supported food economy recognizing products grown or produced locally or internationally by small farmers, producers and cooperatives. Members of the P6 Cooperative Trade Movement envision a food system in which farmers, workers and producers are valued and compensated fairly at each step of the supply chain.

 A P6 product supplier must fulfill at least two of these three criteria: it must be small, local and a cooperative. As a member of the P6 Cooperative, we were   able to define what these criteria mean to us. Local: a product that comes from Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota and South Dakota. Small: the producers are independently owned and operated, and their profits stay in the community. Cooperative: we consider products from non-profits, collectives and  worker-owned businesses in addition to cooperatives. International products are also considered if the main ingredient is from a small farmer co-op. 

What does this mean for our co-op? We believe that P6 is a powerful in-store marketing tool that helps us tell the story of why cooperatives matter in the current food landscape. When we support cooperatives, it is our communities that benefit and not a large corporation with very few owners. For our shoppers, P6 provides a clear and identifiable system to help them make purchases that align with their values. Producers benefit because we bring their products to new people and help tell their story. P6 helps to develop the local independent economy.  

To celebrate our Principle Six launch on October 29th, we will be hosting some of our P6 producers so they can showcase their products and you can get to know them. Here is one of our featured P6 producers. This (P6 Product Pick) business meets the small and local criteria.

Isabel Street Heat Chipotle Sauce, Saint Paul, MN: Tony and Leslie Stoy craft their fermented hot sauces using as many local ingredients as possible and don’t add anything artificial to the finished product. The chipotle hot sauce was picked as the number one hot sauce by City Pages! Featuring mild heat with a wonderful smoky, roasted-pepper flavor, I love to splash it on my veggie chili. 

After our launch, P6 products will be found throughout the store. These products will be clearly marked and will identify the criteria that were fulfilled. You will get to know many of our P6 producers, and also find some products that will become new favorites!