Plants on Clearance

Garden plants still available for your pots & plots

Garden Dreaming

We still have some plants left to fill out your pots & plots! Or hanging baskets for a garden on a hook. Come by to see what you might still need to plant for food & flowers.

Plant starts in pot or packs = 99¢
Available while they last

Annuals • Perennials • Veggies • Herbs: Our plants are from Glacial Ridge Growers – family-owned greenhouses in Glenwood, MN. Using environmentally sustainable methods, they grow their plants without neonicotinoids, GMOs, or other harmful chemicals. They are MN Department of Ag approved to be bee & butterfly friendly – so you can make your garden a pollinator haven!

Garden Seeds: We also have packets of Seed Savers Exchange seeds – the non-profit seed bank who stewards rare and heirloom varieties. Some seeds are appropriate for late summer planting, or you can plan your fall lettuce. Road trip idea: the Seed Savers Exchange Heritage Farm near Decorah, IA; they welcome visitors!

Posted by Christine DeMars • May 2018