Quarterly Discounts, Plant Sale, & Insects

—by Naomi Jackson, Membership Coordinator

Insects in this issue

The first article I ever wrote for this newsletter was about bees. That was fifteen years ago. Since then, I’ve developed an insect- friendly herb garden, become a bee keeper, written bee poetry, and now am turning my attention to the issues that threaten the survival of our pollinating insects.

In this issue, Margot Monson and Roxy Bergeron provide information and resources for you to insure that your home garden does no harm to beneficial insects and to address the wider issues of toxic pesticides and habitat loss. You can also buy insect-friendly seeds and plants at our co-op.

Annual patronage Letters

You should have recently received your annual patronage letter, which included a letter from the board of directors, the amount
(if any) that you spent at the co-op in the previous fiscal year, and your (belated) first quarter discount coupon. The coupon will be good through June 30, to make up for its tardiness.

Volunteer for our plant sale!

Scheduled for May 9–11, our annual plant sale offers dozens of volunteer opportunities. We’ll need plant tenders, musicians, extra stockers, hospitality people, and more. Watch the calendar bulletin board for the sign-up sheets.

Quarterly discounts

Our co-op sends out quarterly 10% discount coupons to our members. Any member who is not already receiving a discount (e.g. volunteers and seniors) may use these coupons. Watch for them in the mail. They are sent with your patronage letter, plant sale notice, annual meeting notice, and as a postcard in the mid-summer.

If you aren't receiving mailings from the co-op, it means that either we don't have a current address for you, or you aren't using your member number when you shop and have slipped to our inactive list. To get updated, email me at naomi@hampdenparkcoop.com.