R. W. Knudsen’s Organic Prune Juice

—by Katharine Holden, HPC Member

In an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, the gnome Guinan introduces Worf, the Klingon, to straight prune juice. Worf declares that it’s a drink worthy of a warrior. R. W. Knudsen Family bottles an excellent organic prune juice, suitable for all you warriors out there. Unlike commercial brand prune juice, Knudsen’s has no added sweeteners. There’s no need; prunes pack plenty of carbohydrates all by themselves. Prune juice can be added to baked goods, chili, barbecue sauce, home brews, and cocktails. It’s a good sweetener for flax meal recipes. Or try Knudsen’s Organic prune juice chilled or over ice. If the very idea of prune juice makes you think of the American obsession with “regularity,” perhaps a cocktail might be more your style (see recipe in sidebar).

[Katharine Holden admits to being the one who caused the Red Lentil Disaster in the bulk beans aisle in October. You see, she had put the bag under the spout and all was going well. Then she spotted this attractive man and was trying to see if he was wearing a wedding band or anything decorated with a rainbow, and…lentils everywhere.]