Rotisserie Chicken

Good Grab & Go And Now Rotisserie Chicken

It's Here - Rotisserie Chicken

What are those good smells coming from the co-op deli kitchen? They are creating our new, delicious, rotisserie chicken menus! Using all-natural birds from Wisconsin, the chickens are brined to keep the meat flavorful and moist, then roasted whole on a rotisserie spit.

There are pieces offered on our weekday afternoon hot bars with some scrumptious side options – the herbs/spices and accompaniments change as chef's choice. You might find roasty, savory side dishes like this: Red Potatoes • Cauliflower w/ Turmeric • Brussels Sprouts w/ Balsamic & Honey • Veggie Medley • Glazed Carrots • Mashed Sweet Potatoes • 3-Cheese Polenta • Zucchini Casserole • And more!

Also, find whole & half roasted birds with the savory sides in the deli case to take out, and make your busy life easier when it comes to putting together a meal!

Find out the daily lunch menu in advance for chicken, sides, soup & the rest of the hot bar by checking Facebook or call the phone line at 651-646-6686.

Chicken pieces + sides available most weekdays on the hot bar • Around 11:00–2:00
Cold chicken + sides in the deli case daily while they last
All available until they run out
Priced according to ingredient market prices; rung by weight

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Regarding Composting

The following take-out containers are compostable in our lobby or in a commercial/municipal program: Paperboard trays & boxes • Soup & coffee cups plus their lids • Forks, spoons & knives • Napkins & tissue.

Note: lids & utensils are made of plant-based materials – not plastic – so they are compostable but NOT RECYCLABLE.

Posted by Christine DeMars • Updated March 2019