Santa Cruz Organic Lemon Juice

—by Katharine Holden, HPC Member

Hampden Park Co-op is packed with products you may not have tried before. Here’s the squeal on one:

Recently, in a moment of mental abstraction, I went to the supermarket instead of the co-op. One of the items I bought was a bottle of lemon juice that didn’t live up to its marketing pitch. This lemon juice was kept in the refrigerator case instead of on the shelf, and it promised freshness and quality. (What was the brand? Hint: Bing Crosby.) Well, I poured a splash of this lemon juice into my glass of water to add some oomph, and…then I added another splash, and…then I added another splash. You see, I usually use Santa Cruz Organic Lemon Juice and I’ve grown accustomed to the taste of actual lemon. I had to add three times as much of the supermarket brand in order to get that lemon taste. Please learn from my mistake. You’ll find bottles of Santa Cruz Organic 100% lemon juice, as well as lime, in the middle aisle to the left of Annie’s salad dressings.