Soup & Hot Bar

Winter in Minnesota is Soup TIme! Letter "O" in soup is picture of soup in bowl

Winter is Soup Time in MN!

What could be better on a cold day? And we're rather famous for the house-made daily soup at our little corner store. Self serve at the hot bar, it's perfect for a quick lunch, satisfying dinner, all day long… Grab it to go, or enjoy it while seated on a window counter stool, looking out at Hampden Park, our namesake greenspace across the street.

Weekdays, the deli kitchen prepares 4 soup choices from our extensive recipe library of classics + our own "secret" recipes. Weekends, we have 2 selections. Every day there is always at least 1 vegetarian pick that is sometimes also vegan.

Soup Hours:
: Around 10:30–8:00
Sat–Sun: Around 11:00–6:00
Or while it lasts

Price using our compostable containers:
• 8 oz = $2.25
• 16 oz = $3.95

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Hot Bar Entrees

We also offer a substantial hot entree to satisfy both vegetarians and meat eaters. Take as much or as little as you like, it's easy to box up in our compostable containers and take back to your office or home – or eat right away, right here.

February Menu Example:*
Mon: Chicken Shawarma • Basmati & Orzo Pilaf • Broccoli & Carrots
Tue: Mango Curry (Chicken or Tofu) • Rice
Wed: Boughatsa (from Gardens of Salonica: Spinach Feta • Pikantikio • Mushroom Kef)
Thu: Green Curry (Chicken or Tofu) • Jasmine Rice
Fri: BBQ Pulled Pork • Mac & Cheese
Sat Morn: Egg & Cheese on Muffin (with or without Bacon)
Sat Noon: Chef's Choice

*Menu subject to change depending on what's available or fresh. You might find delish dishes like this rotated in & out:
Chickpea Tikka Masala (Chicken or Veg) • Basmati Rice w/ Peas
Lasagna (Beef or Veg) – Classic or Mexican
Creamy Pesto Pasta (Chicken or Veg)
Kung Pao (Chicken or Tofu) w/ Rice
Cajun Meatloaf • Potatoes
Vegetables (Roasted or Steamed)
And more!

Hot Bar Hours:
Mon–Sat: Around 11:30–2:00
Sat Morn: Breakfast muffins 9:00–11:00
Or while it lasts

Entrees are priced according to ingredient market prices, and are rung by weight
Boughatsas = $3.99
Saturday Breakfast Sandwich  = $3.99

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Fast, easy, delicious…

Find out what's on for the day – check the front page of this website, FacebookTwitter, or the hot line at 651-646-6686.

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And we haven't even mentioned our fresh-made, grab & go sandwiches and salads!