Soup & Hot Bar

Today is a good day for some soup

Fast, easy, delicious soup… Eat in or takeout!

What could be better than soup? And we're rather famous for the daily house-made recipes at our little corner store. Self serve, it's perfect for a quick lunch, satisfying dinner, all day long… Grab and go, or enjoy it while seated on a counter stool looking out at Hampden Park, our namesake greenspace across the street.

Weekdays, the deli kitchen prepares 4 soup choices from our extensive library of recipes. Weekends, we have 2 selections. Every day there is always at least 1 vegetarian pick that is sometimes also vegan.

Soup Prices: 8 oz = $2.49 • 16 oz = $4.49
Soup Hours Mon–Fri: Around 10:30–8:00
Soup Hours Sat–Sun: Around 11:00–6:00
Or while it lasts

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Hot Bar Entrees & Sides

We also offer substantial hot bar items. Take as much or as little as you like – it's easy to box up in our compostable containers and bring back to your office or home. OR eat right away, right here. Menu example:

Mon: Mexican Lasagna (Beef or Veggie)
Tue: Curry (Chicken or Veggie) • Brown Rice
Wed: Gardens of Salonica Boughatsa (Spinach Feta • Pikantikio • Mushroom Kef)
Thu: Jambalaya Rice
Fri: BBQ Pulled Pork • Mac & Cheese
Most weekdays: Rotisserie Chicken Pieces • Creative Sides

Menu subject to change depending on chef's choice. You might find roasty, savory side dishes like: Red Potatoes • Cauliflower w/ Turmeric • Brussels Sprouts w/ Balsamic & Honey • Veggie Medley • Glazed Carrots • Mashed Sweet Potatoes • 3-Cheese Polenta • Zucchini Casserole • And more!

Hot Bar priced by ingredients: $7.99–$8.99 per pound.
Boughatsas = $3.99
Hot Bar Hours Mon–Fri: Around 11:00–2:00
Or while it lasts

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Find out the soup & hot bar menu daily – check FacebookTwitter, or the hot line at 651-646-6686.

And we haven't even mentioned our fresh-made, grab & go sandwiches and salads!
Plus coming soon: dinner hours for the hot entree + weekend brunch!

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Regarding Composting

These take-out containers are compostable in our lobby or in a commercial/municipal program: Paperboard trays & boxes • Soup & coffee cups plus their lids • Forks, spoons & knives • Napkins & tissue.

Note: lids & utensils are made of plant-based materials – not plastic – so they are compostable but NOT RECYCLABLE.

Posted by Christine DeMars • Updated December 2018