Spring 2018 Newsletter

928 News, Spring 2018, We're glad you're readin' and eatin' here!

928 News – Spring Issue – March, April, May

Some of the scintillating reading in this issue of the newsletter: "Doors & Windows" by Christina Nicholson; "Shifting Gears" by Kate Gray; "Emerging Trends and a Commitment to Place" by Lucia Cowles; and "Earth Day Starts at Home" by Robin Asbell, courtesy of StrongerTogether.coop.

We have a sneak peak at Mayfest plants, grown by Glacial Ridge Growers in central Minnesota, and a check list of our edibles so you can plan your dream garden.

There is info about groups we're supporting with our register round-ups, and some events:

• March Round-Up: Minnesota FoodShare
• March 31st, 1–3: Neighborhood Forest in store (newsletter had a typo; event not April 1st)
• April Round-Up: Neighborhood Forest
• April 22nd, 1–3: Transition Town ASAP Clothesline Challenge in store
• May Round-Up: the Mayfest Entertainers (Dawn Tanner, Mama Caught Fire, The Old Smugglers, Just Wulf)
• May 12th (time tbd): Dina Kountoupes from Harvest Moon Edible Landscapes (now joining us during Mayfest rather than the day before)
• May 12th, 11–3: Transition Town ASAP demoing a solar oven

And Mayfest – Party With Plants: Saturday • May 12th • 11–3!!!
We are SO excited about this year's festival! Find the details here.

Also, find a sandwich menu from Deli. Hang it on your home fridge or work bulletin board and always know which days your favorites are available (of course, while they last).

Plus, we have staff picks for local products from Linda Andersen (Cheese), Theresa Ener (Meat), Ikuko Hara (Wellness), Matt Hass (Grocery), and Melissa Lindholm (Produce).

And last, but not least, the discount coupons for member-owners. You can also read the newsletter online as a pdf.

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Posted by Christine DeMars • March 2018