Spring 2019 Newsletter

928 News, Spring 2019, March April May, We're glad you're readin' & eatin' here: 928 is image of tile from building exterior, vintage etching in background of spinach

Spring 2019 Newsletter

928 News – Spring 2019 Issue
March, April, May

It was a particularly tough late winter, but as sure as spring eventually arrives, so does our newsletter into members' mail boxes with announcements about our plant sale and Mayfest! In this issue:

Thoughts on Growing Our Cooperative Community – Board Treasurer Sarah McRoberts talks about her experience attending the workshop: Everyone Welcome? Personal Narratives about Race and Food Co-ops. Sarah thoughtfully says, "In the noble pursuit of healthy and ethical food, it can be tempting for any co-op to hope that the products and good intentions speak for themselves. However, even without intending to, it's all too easy for food co-ops to make people feel uncomfortable, insignificant, and unwelcome." This conversation sprang from materials published by CDS Consulting Co-op.

Visually Imperfect – Chuck Parsons sees Visually Imperfect Produce, also know as Imperfectly Delicious Produce, as a possible area to help alleviate some food waste, and save money, too. Find more about rethinking food waste at ReFED.

Waste Not – The Most Wanted List: common food culprits being discarded and tips on how to store and/or use them up. Entire Co+op Stronger Together article here. Also check out a super useful website with tools to help you save your food better and longer at Save the Food.

Seed Savers Exchange: Saving Diversity – A reprint of Naomi Jackson's piece about the amazing range of heirloom varieties from Seed Savers Exchange, and her experiences in saving seeds. Right now, we have an array of SSE seeds just waiting in their little packets for your pots & plots. We highly recommend SSE's wonderful Resources page for novice & expert gardeners alike!

Plant Sale – Garden plants start arriving May 4th from Glacial Ridge Growers. New this year – Pollinator Paks: four collections each with a variety of plants specific to attracting bees, hummingbirds, monarchs, or other butterflies. Created in collaboration with the MN State Horticultural Society, some of the sale proceeds go back to them.

Win a Bee Book! – Minnesota author Heather Holm has generously donated her captivating book, Bees: An Identification & Native Plant Forage Guide. It's an incredibly comprehensive source about bees native to our region – which was used as reference for Naomi's article about native bees (more below). Enter to win when you buy plants during May.

Mayfest – Mark your calendar for Saturday, May 11th, 11:00–3:00 for our annual plant party! As always, there will be plants galore – plus community partners, samples, kid fun, Foxy Falafel and Urban Growler. We're excited about our terrific musical partner – the ever-eclectic KFAI community radio with some of their DJs and musican friends! Bee there…

Cooperate for Climate: Food for Thought – This is a new feature from Transition Town - ASAP: a neighborhood group working for a positive local response to climate change and a community-wide transition from fossil-fueled habits to more sustainable ways of life. Mindy Keskinen shares some climate-friendly tips with a cooperative angle because, collectively, we at the grassroots level have greater power than we think. TT-ASAP even leads a monthly investment group, Transition Your Money.

Artwork of the 87 Bus Route: A-ma-zing illustration from Ruby Thompson! Can you find the co-op? Also see the original in the store.

March Roundup is for the MN FoodShare Campaign and Keystone Midway Food Shelf. MN FoodShare has an annual March campaign and we've partnered with Keystone for 15 years – but our  donations are way down; just 537 pounds in 2018 (vs. over 1,000 pounds in past years). So in addition to rounding up, please consider donating a product once in a while throughout the year!

April Roundup is for Neighborhood Forest who gives trees to kids for free every Earth Day. Also see them in the store on Sunday, April 14, 11:00–1:00.

May Roundup is for KFAI Fresh Air Radio. Truly eclectic community radio, KFAI is also our music partner at Mayfest! KFAI provides a space for voices that are not heard on mainstream radio. They are volunteer – and donation – powered, so consider taking it a step further and make an annual pledge to the station!

Keep the Coupons Comin' – We're collecting coupons for the Barack & Michelle Obama Elementary School in St. Paul. The school collected just $32 on their own last year; our awesome customers left $107 in value since last fall! We carry Box Tops for Education on selected Annie's, Cascadian Farm & Food Should Taste Good. Holy Land coupons are on tubs of hummus & dips.

Beyond Coneflowers: Supporting Native Bees – Naomi Jackson writes a fascinating article about the wondrous world of native bees. Read about miner bees who nest in underground tunnels, leafcutter bees who trim out scalloped edges on leaves, and more. Includes the names of native plants – many available during our plant sale – which attract and sustain our beleaguered pollinators. Learn more from the Heather Holm book (mentioned above), and The Xerces Society Guide to Attracting Native Pollinators from the Xerces Society.

Bare Honey – Grace Borell likes this local company that raises Russian bees. More.

Ethical Bean – Mickey Quinn keeps his Keurig coffee brewer greener by using these compostable pods. More.

Rebel Green – Matt Haas has found a great laundry detergent out of WI that does not contain the irritant sodium lauryl sulfate. More.

Salad Girl – P.J. Wehrwein enjoys the fresh, lively flavors of this local salad dressing. More.

Bread & Veg Casserole Recipe – A template for using up bread, milk, cheese & veggies; Co+op Stronger Together recipe is also here.

Store Stuff – Innovative, eco-friendly ideas to help fight food waste available at HPC: U-Konserve includes modern stainless steel containers, and Stasher has a line of cool-looking silicone storage bags.

Member-owner discount coupons – Just one of the perks of joining our co-op!

You can also read the spring 2019 issue of the 928 News here.

If you're an active HPC member-shopper but are not receiving your newsletter in the mail, please fill out a slip up front to let us know.

Posted by Christine DeMars • March 2019