Store Reset Update

Pardon Our Dust & Disruption: illustrations of various construction tools


It's out with the old and in with the new: freezers, checkout station & flooring! Plus produce cooler moved to other side of the store & additional shelving is going up. Like any project with a lot of moving parts, there are always some glitches. Here is currently what's happening…

Thru Fri: Frozen goods are now being restocked! Does not impact the dairy / fresh meat cooler.

Thru next week: We're waiting on some new shelving so stock stashed all over. Please ask if you need help finding something.

Our daily soups & weekday hot bar items are being made. Except for a few frozen goods, we have everything that you might need for a fast bite or a slow meal!

We hope to be getting back to normal soon. Feel free to call if you want to make sure your favorite product is available: 651.646.6686.

So please pardon our dust & disruption – we're growing in place to make a better shopping experience for you!

- - - - - - -

If you're interested, here is the architectural draft.

Posted by Christine DeMars • March 2019