Taking Stock

Taking Stock

Broth that is good enough to drink!

Taking Stock Foods keeps the ingredients simple & clean for both healthy drinking AND satisfying cooking. They slow simmer the broth to coax the best flavor & nutrition from the high quality ingredients, then freeze it to keep it fresher. Taking Stock is as local as you can get – their kitchen is just a few miles from HPC!

We carry 4 varieties: Vegan Mushroom Ginger + 3 Chicken versions (Salted, Unsalted & Ginger Turmeric) made using the flavorful organic, free-range Larry Schultz birds.

A staple of home kitchens for centuries, broth has long been prized for its healing qualities. Beyond being the culinary go-to treatment for colds and flus, people across cultures have consumed broth for ailments of the digestive system, joints, skin, lungs, muscles and blood. After decades of resorting to the convenience of bouillon cubes, boxed and canned stock – sacrificing taste and abandoning nutrition in the process – many are bringing homemade broth back into the kitchen for its exceptional flavor and health benefits.

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Thanks Taking Stock for the beautiful photo!