Winter 2018 Newsletter

928 News, Winter Issue, December 2018, January-February 2019, Hampden Park Co-op: A festive little store with good food.

928 News – Winter Issue
December 2018 • January–February 2019

Just one of the perks of membership at Hampden Park Co-op is receiving the biggish-sized newsletter from our small store right in your mailbox! Here is what's going on in this winter issue:

Recap of the 2018 Annual Meeting – Board Director Ablavi Handziak summarizes our keystone event. Evening highlights included: election of new board members Amanda Peterson and Collin Russell, and reelection of Rachel Fang; presentation by GM Chuck Parsons on his ambitious plans for 2019; and guest-speaker Councilmember Mitra Jalali Nelson who gave a lively overview of city topics and her goals. In addition to the newsletter recap, read about the event in the minutes.

Plus pictures from the Annual Meeting, photographed by Linda Andersen.

Happy Holidays – Chuck Parsons is grateful for 2018, optimistic about 2019, and has warm wishes for everyone this winter season.

January is National Soup Month – who knew? It's as if the month were made for our co-op, plus you could win free soup!

Our Building as Art – Susan E. Warner created our wondrous exterior-tile compositions. Take a tour of more of her art in the area including the MN State Fairgrounds, east Como neighborhood, and Rondo Community Library. Read about Susan at her website.

Creatives in the Hood – Mindy Keskinen & Julie Ann James introduce you to the Creative Enterprise Zone, and profile seven of our creative neighbors: Bang Brewing, Clothier Design Source, Deneen Pottery, Forecast Public Art, Midwest Floating Island, Mizna, and NewStudio Architecture. More about CEZ at their website.

December Roundup is the Seal Hi-Rise Community Meal with our partners for food equity: the SAPCC and Lydia Place.

January Roundup is for our neighbor on the Green Line that helps build houses & hope: TC Habitat for Humanity.

February Roundup is for our neighbor who aids immigrants on their path to achieve full membership in American life: International Institute of MN.

A Walk Through Time With Hampden Park Co-op – Naomi Jackson takes us on an interior tour of our old building. It's a cabinet of curiosities, especially the basement which is "a warren worthy of a haunted house." She also introduces you to our upstairs tenants: luthier Scott Jensen, artist Eric Evenson, and Twin Cities Aikido. View photos of places you might never get to see.

• Kim likes Andes Gifts alpaca wear. (Note: our early cold has caused inventory to really sell – good news for the fair-trade knitters. Unfortunately, they are a hemisphere away so we cannot merely order more. Rest assured there will be new items next winter.)

• Eli Murdock's favorite morning jolt is Equal Exchange Coffee.

• Violet Rolfzens is nostalgic about childhood with GT's Kombucha.

• John Hughes takes Whole Grain Milling Tortilla Chips down the street to Barely Brothers Records.

• And last, but not least, member-owner discount coupons for the quarter – another perk of joining our co-op!

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You can also read the winter issue of the 928 News here.

If you're an active HPC member-shopper but are not receiving your newsletter in the mail, please fill out a slip up front to let us know.

Posted by Christine DeMars • December 2018