Young Mountain Tea

Young Mountain Tea Co., From the Himalayas to Here, Kumaon White Organic Tea

Kumaon White – organic, loose-leaf tea from Young Mountain Tea Company

This rare spring tea is harvested just as the plant awakes from winter dormancy. Minimally processed to preserve its natural freshness, it is low in caffeine, high in antioxidants, has a delicate aroma with a surprisingly thick body, and a wonderful sweetness. The unique twist is a green taste similar to honey melon, attributed to the unique soils in the Kumaon region.

This tea has a fascinating history. When the East India Company was first experimenting with tea cultivation in India, the Kumaon area near the border of Nepal was planted in the 1850s, but was too far from any port to ship the tea. The experiments were abandoned, and for 140 years the tea thrived in the wild. In the 1990s, the government began to revive tea cultivation as a way to create rural livelihood opportunities.

White Mountain Tea Co. started with a deal in 2015 – if a Himalayan non-profit would grow tea, they would buy everything. Since then, they've partnered with farmer co-operatives, state governments and other producers to build the Kumaon tea region. Their collection of rare and responsible teas are sourced for quality and ethics. Their goal is to leave the world a little more beautiful than they found it.

Find an informative & compelling interactive map about Kumaon White tea on their web page.

Thanks to Young Mountain Tea Co. for the photo of Muni Devi, tea harvester!

Posted by Christine DeMars • December 2017